A Spanish and English literacy curriculum grounded in the Science of Reading

Discover a suite of Spanish literacy curriculum and assessment programs designed to build confident readers with mCLASS® Lectura, Amplify Caminos, and Boost Lectura. Amplify’s biliteracy suite includes assessment, core instruction, and personalized learning built on the Science of Reading.

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Educational software interface for personalized Spanish literacy instruction, showing a syllable segmentation exercise for the word

mCLASS Lectura assessment

mCLASS Lectura is a Science of Reading-based universal and dyslexia screener for K–6 that helps educators accelerate students’ literacy in Spanish. When combined with mCLASS DIBELS® 8th Edition, it’s the only assessment offering a dual language instructional report that enables teachers to identify skills 鶹can transfer across languages.


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  • How mCLASS Lectura works within the Spanish literacy suite

Amplify Caminos
core curriculum

Amplify Caminos is a K–5 Spanish language arts curriculum that helps teachers inspire 鶹to become confident readers, writers, and thinkers in Spanish. Grounded in the Science of Reading and following biliteracy principles, the program combines rich content knowledge with systematic foundational skills instruction.


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Illustration of a joyful child playing soccer in a vibrant, dual-language environment featuring a turtle, parrot, and open book, with
  • How Amplify Caminos works within the Spanish literacy suite

Digital educational flashcards for personalized Spanish literacy instruction, featuring a phrase about glasses helping to see better and protecting from the sun, with interactive yes/no buttons.

Boost Lectura personalized learning

Boost Lectura is a K–2 personalized Spanish literacy program with proven efficacy that focuses on key accelerants of critical literacy skills. Boost Lectura offers a highly adaptive, student-led approach to personalized learning that’s instructive and engaging. Boost Lectura also fits in any classroom model, allowing for easy integration without disrupting routines.


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  • How Boost Lectura works within the Spanish literacy suite

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Built on principles that honor biliteracy

Biliteracy opens the door to rewarding learning opportunities for students. Amplify is committed to biliteracy development and empowering educators in fostering great teaching and learning experiences. , the foundation of our biliteracy suite, for insights into how bilingual literacy develops.