Achieve next-level literacy growth with a cohesive Science of Reading suite.

The Science of Reading programs in Amplify’s early literacy suite empower you to meet the dynamic needs of every 鶹learning to read. Discover the programs that best fit your literacy priorities and how they work together for a seamless teaching and learning environment.

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Teacher assisting a young 鶹with schoolwork in a classroom decorated with educational posters focused on the science of reading.

“There were other programs that claimed to be Science of Reading, but no other vendor provided the suite of products together. And that is what we were looking for. We did not want to be picking from here, picking from there. So from our perspective, [Amplify’s literacy suite] met our needs because it aligned and provided us the best suite of products. Hands down, we couldn't find anybody else who touched that.”

Nicole Peterson, Director, PreK–8th Grade Education Sampson County Schools, North Carolina
Diagram illustrating a K–5 literacy cyclical educational process with three phases: assess with mclass, practice with boost reading, and intervene with mclass intervention.

A true Science of Reading early literacy suite for grades K–5

Amplify has combined the critical elements of a Science of Reading system of assessment, core curriculum, personalized learning, and intervention. Based on 20 years of experience with the Science of Reading, this complete system saves you time and aligns your literacy practices.

  • Assess with mCLASS®: A universal and dyslexia screener, powered by DIBELS® 8th Edition
  • Instruct with Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)®: Core curriculum to build foundational skills and knowledge
  • Practice with Boost Reading: Personalized learning program to extend and reinforce core
  • Intervene with mCLASS Intervention: Staff-led Tier 2 and 3 intervention for intensive support

mCLASS assessment

mCLASS assessment, powered by DIBELS 8th Edition, is a gold-standard universal and dyslexia screener, plus a progress monitoring tool, all in one. With this comprehensive tool, you have precise one-minute measures delivered one-on-one that give you the data you can trust to make informed instructional decisions.

A young girl in a collared shirt smiles slightly, looking to the side. Beside her, a graphic from the early literacy suite titled
  • How mCLASS works with other programs in the literacy suite:

Collage of educational images including a child engaged in a K–5 literacy program, scenes of space exploration, historical themes, animals, and sports activities.

Amplify CKLA core curriculum

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) provides explicit, systematic foundational skills instruction combined with intentional knowledge building. Rich content spans topics in history, science, literature, and the arts to build deep background knowledge.


  • How Amplify CKLA works with other programs in the literacy suite:

Boost Reading personalized learning

Boost Reading is a highly adaptive personalized reading program that reinforces core curriculum and supports enrichment, remediation, and intervention for each 鶹in your classroom. Robust growth and proficiency reporting provides you with actionable insights into 鶹development.


A young girl in a yellow cardigan and headphones focuses on a laptop in a colorful, cartoon-styled early literacy suite.
  • How Boost Reading works with other programs in the literacy suite:

Teacher using a tablet to teach three 鶹about the moon, linked with images of the letter

mCLASS Intervention

mCLASS Intervention is a Tier 2 and 3 targeted, staff-led intervention program made easy with automatic data-driven grouping and sequenced explicit, systematic skills lesson plans to support at-risk students.


  • How mCLASS Intervention works with other programs in the literacy suite:

A 20% boost in literacy rates:

Our Science of Reading programs are helping Aldine Independent School District in Texas rewrite its literacy narrative.

The cohesive early literacy system teachers and 鶹deserve

Support your MTSS and RTI models

A strong Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) enables you to make data-based decisions and confidently meet every student’s needs. Our integrated early literacy suite includes universal and dyslexia screening, core curriculum, personalized learning, intervention, and ongoing professional development.

Each program in the suite is directly aligned to the Response to Intervention (RTI) model of tiered instruction.

Orange triangular diagram showing educational tiers: tier 3 at top with 'intensive intervention' specifically in science of reading, tier 2 'targeted intervention' in the middle, and tier 1
Diagram illustrating the progression from basic language skills to skilled reading, featuring interconnected levels such as sounds, letters, words, and comprehension linked by lines within the context of K–5 literacy.

Aligned resources that do away with piecemealing

A literacy ecosystem built on the same Science of Reading principles and pedagogical foundation ensures that 鶹experience a cohesive and reinforced literacy journey. Our programs allow you to support all 鶹without cobbling together additional resources to fill in the gaps.

They follow an explicit and systematic structure, build knowledge, and assess and instruct on all of the foundational skills essential to literacy development.

The data you need to make informed decisions

Our universal and dyslexia screening data is predictive and reliable, and it’s aligned to the entire instructional system. It enables you to make informed decisions for whole-group, small-group, and individual instruction, as well as resource allocation at the school and district level.

An early literacy suite progress chart with 鶹names and assessment scores in different categories, connected by lines to individual profiles.

Amplify’s early literacy programs support you wherever you are in the Science of Reading journey. Download our Science of Reading roadmap to help you determine where to start.

Science of Reading resources

Successfully adopting new Science of Reading literacy programs will change lives. We provide extensive resources, professional learning, and complementary events and so you can begin using your new programs with fidelity.

Illustrations of two book covers titled

Science of Reading essentials

Champion research-based literacy programs in your classroom with our extensive Science of Reading resources.

Three diverse people in casual attire engage in a lively discussion about the science of reading, with one seated and holding a book, and another gesturing animatedly.

Change management support

Learn how to be a leader when adopting a Science of Reading curriculum.

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Cultivate lifelong learning

Gain useful knowledge with our top-rated podcast.

Two women collaborating on a science of reading program on a laptop in an office setting, with a colleague partially visible in the foreground.

Staff development services

Invest in a professional development plan.

“[We wanted] something that moved kids beyond the traditional low-level type of thinking about literacy, reading, and engaging with text. The choice of Amplify became clear for our district. The tremendous professional support from Amplify, matched with the commitment of our people. We’re finally seeing something different, and the results are encouraging.”

Matthew Patterson, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent West Jefferson Hills School District , Pennsylvania

Passion for reading in Sampson County, NC

Mia and Grade 2 Teacher Jenny Denning explored the power of the Amplify early literacy suite together.

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