An authentic Spanish assessment built specifically for bilingual 鶹learning to read

Part of the mCLASS® Español suite, mCLASS Lectura is a universal screener for K–6 built on modern Spanish literacy research. It helps educators accelerate reading growth for Spanish-speaking 鶹by delivering complete parity between English and Spanish reading assessments. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.


Addressing the classroom inequities Spanish-speaking 鶹face in early literacy

Spanish-speaking 鶹have been underserved and misclassified for decades. By combining mCLASS Lectura and mCLASS® DIBELS® 8th Edition, you’ll be able to understand where your Spanish-speaking 鶹are in their English and Spanish literacy paths.

Based on the science behind how 鶹learn to read in English and Spanish, the mCLASS system allows teachers to connect with their Spanish-speaking 鶹face-to-face, one-on-one, and in the language most comfortable to them. Teachers are able to pinpoint where their Spanish-speaking or emergent bilingual 鶹really are in their literacy skill development and what instruction to prioritize.

What experts say

“It's incredibly important we attend to the Spanish language alongside English in assessment practices, to make sure we're not underestimating the ability of a really significant percentage of our nation’s school population.”

–Dr. Lillian Durán Co-developer of mCLASS Lectura, Ph.D., Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education, University of Oregon
Portrait of Lillian Durán, Ph.D., with text stating her work on Spanish literacy assessment with mCLASS Lectura at the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon.

Built by leading biliteracy experts

The mCLASS® Lectura universal screener was co-developed with the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon. The assessment was validated by Amplify in partnership with Dr. Lillian Durán of the University of Oregon.

The development of mCLASS Lectura also involved a team of nationally recognized experts representing a range of regions (Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean), along with focus groups featuring classroom teachers, special education teachers, specialists, and administrators.

Our approach

Aligned to the Science of Reading, mCLASS Lectura allows teachers to connect with their 鶹through observational assessment and in the language most comfortable to them. We built mCLASS Lectura so that when used in tandem with mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition, educators can achieve complete parity between English and Spanish literacy skills.

Laptop displaying a chart comparing English and mCLASS Lectura benchmarks across categories like letter knowledge and phonological decoding, with numerical and qualitative assessments.

Complete parity between English and Spanish

mCLASS Lectura is an authentic Spanish assessment that delivers complete parity when combined with mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition, including parallel reporting across English and Spanish assessments and unique dual-language reporting.

Spanish-speaking child being assessed for literacy skills.

Listen to your 鶹read in both languages, one-on-one

mCLASS Lectura provides teacher-administered assessments in Spanish that deliver accurate and reliable measurements of each student’s literacy progress. 

Spanish reading assessment

Built from the latest research in Spanish literacy development

mCLASS Lectura is a high-quality assessment that accounts for the major differences between English and Spanish, not simply a direct translation or transadaptation between the two languages. 

A curved computer screen displaying a presentation slide on phonological awareness in bilinguals, with text, two bar graphs, and an assessment in Spanish.

Transfer skills in one language to the other

By providing teachers with insights into the skill areas in which their 鶹are proficient, in their native language, the program helps Spanish-speakers build on their strengths and make connections to their second language. Educators also receive guidance on the cross-linguistic transfer of critical skills in both languages.

Learn about the classroom inequities Spanish-speaking 鶹face and how educators can address it.


What's included

mCLASS Lectura includes one-minute measures validated for universal and dyslexia screening, and provides dual language reports for teachers and administrators.

Educational software interface displaying mCLASS Lectura Spanish assessment data across different times of the year with various performance metrics.

Comprehensive Spanish literacy measures in mCLASS Lectura

mCLASS Lectura is validated to assess for all key foundational skills for K–6, including:

  • Letter Naming
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Alphabetic Principle
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension


Dual-monitor setup displaying a Spanish literacy educational software interface, mCLASS Lectura, with text descriptions and interactive elements.

Reports in English and Spanish

mCLASS Lectura analyzes Spanish literacy and English literacy development side by side, enabling you to see where kids are in both languages. .

Screenshot of a digital presentation slide titled

Instructional activities to build Spanish literacy skills

With mCLASS Lectura, educators get hundreds of step-by-step instructional activities for small groups or individual 鶹and receive effective activities to target the Spanish literacy skills with which 鶹need the most support.

A laptop screen displaying a 鶹performance spreadsheet with various metrics including grades, benchmarks, and mCLASS Lectura assessment rates for several students.

Comprehensive reporting

mCLASS Lectura provides reporting for everyone at all levels, from classroom teachers and literacy specialists to principals and district leaders, as well as parents and guardians at home. Learn more about mCLASS Lectura reporting.

Tablet screen displaying a student's assessment summary for fluency in syllable sounds. The student, Oksana Maslova, scored 32 syllables per minute on 08/25/2021.

Detailed assessment data

mCLASS Lectura provides transcripts of every assessment and identifies error patterns to help educators make instructional decisions for 鶹on the skills they need to work on the most. The program also includes letters with 鶹assessment results and analysis to send home or to use as a basis for discussion at conferences.

Read about the research and validation behind mCLASS Lectura.