K–5 personalized reading curriculum to accelerate literacy growth in your classroom

Boost Reading helps K–5 educators meet the needs of every reader with personalized literacy instruction based in the Science of Reading. Our efficacy data, measured by DIBELS® 8th Edition, shows that Boost Reading helped 26% more 鶹reach benchmark than those not using the program. This Amplify reading curriculum fits into any learning model and provides actionable growth insights along the way. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.

Evidence-based personalized instruction

Boost Reading is a student-led supplemental reading curriculum that gives you additional time to support other 鶹and reinforces instruction across all instructional tiers with true skill development differentiation. It’s your digital assistant in literacy instruction—extending core instruction, addressing remediation needs, and constantly adapting activities to help every reader flourish.

“Your team has taken a weight off my shoulders and I am so grateful and can’t thank you enough! My biggest concern during this time was how can I keep pushing my readers at their level—and giving them what they need—and Boost Reading solved that.”

Jeanine 2nd-grade teacher, Chicago, IL

“This program is extremely engaging and interactive for each student. They begged to get on Boost Reading and they cried when it was time to log off! This program is a great addition to our curriculum.”

Brittany 2nd grade teacher, Utah

“My 鶹love the program, and they don't even realize they are learning some tough concepts. Their reading scores are improving even since the beginning of the year.”

Amber Junior High ELA teacher, California

Our approach

Bar chart comparing

Proven efficacy

In just 30 minutes of use per week, Boost Reading is proven to improve results on all DIBELS 8th Edition measures and increase the number of 鶹on track for reading success in grades K–5, meeting ESSA’s Moderate (Tier 2) Evidence criteria. Nearly 65% of Boost Reading kindergarten 鶹who started the year “at-risk” ended the year at benchmark or above. Dive into our recent efficacy study on the Boost Reading research page.

An image of K–5 personalized reading curriculum for Multi-Tiered System of Supports in the classroom.

Instructional cohesion across all tiers

Amplify’s comprehensive early literacy suite, Amplify CKLA core instruction, mCLASS® assessment and intervention, and Boost Reading personalized practice, provides seamless alignment and a strong foundation for a Multi-Tiered System of Supports within your classroom.

A graphic showing the adaptivity of Boost Reading.

Targeted, systematic reading practice for all

The highly adaptive technology creates individual skill maps for each student, whether they’re reading below, at, or above grade level, providing simultaneous remediation and advancement in different skill domains. The program is an effective component of your classroom’s remediation and intervention solutions, with explicit instruction for all students, including those with dyslexia or in special education classes.

Program game graphic from Boost Lectura’s Spanish K–5 personalized learning curriculum showing English and Spanish text.

Closing the gap for K–5 multilingual learners

Boost Reading’s Spanish literacy partner, Boost Lectura, supports Spanish-speaking emergent bilinguals learning to read in their native language. When used together, the two programs drive literacy growth in English and Spanish and provide teachers with side-by-side reporting on skills progression in both languages.

Boost Reading efficacy study

Accelerating literacy growth

What’s included

A chart showing supplemental reading curriculum to build foundational reading skills.

Next-generation technology

Boost Reading is constantly adapting to tailor instruction and scaffold foundational skills for students, building proficiency one engaging activity at a time. Students will never get stuck in static practice activities.

Flowchart showing the progression from language comprehension to skilled reading in the K-5 literacy curriculum, categorized by increasing strategy and automaticity, including stages like vocabulary and word recognition.

Comprehensive skill coverage

The scope and sequence is based on the Science of Reading and includes explicit instruction in phonics, phonological awareness, comprehension, vocabulary, and all skills critical to fluent and confident reading.

Boost Reading benchmark and growth reporting image from the Teacher Dashboard.

Benchmark and growth assessments

Built-in benchmark assessments measure 鶹proficiency at beginning-, middle-, and end-of-year, and Curioso Skill Scans measure monthly growth in 鶹using the program without interrupting engagement.

Boost Reading Teacher Dashboard image shows reporting on 鶹performance from many angles.

Easy-to-use growth and proficiency reports

Embedded assessments give teachers actionable insights into students’ reading journeys. Visibility into performance gives teachers peace of mind that 鶹are making meaningful progress in their literacy development.

Boost Reading Administrator reports show insights on 鶹usage, performance and more.

Administrator and caregiver reports

Administrators and caregivers are welcomed into the 鶹reading journey with data on program usage, reading progress, and skill mastery.

An image of the Teacher Dashboard, which includes reporting on 鶹trouble spots.

Research-based activities to reinforce skills

Boost Reading alerts educators to trouble spots 鶹encounter in their skill development and offers additional K–5 literacy resources and lessons for teachers to address and fortify reading skills.

2023 tech & learning awards of excellence badge for 'back to school, primary education careers winner' with gold and blue design elements.

Boost Reading is a proud winner of the Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence: Best for Back to School 2023.

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