Personalized Spanish literacy instruction ideal for every classroom

Boost Lectura is a program based on the Science of Reading built to accelerate Spanish literacy for K–2 students. Using captivating storylines and the latest research on how Spanish literacy develops, Boost Lectura engages 鶹in powerful and personalized digital reading instruction, all backed with proven efficacy. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.


Science of Reading for emergent bilinguals

Grounded in Science of Reading methodology, Boost Lectura acknowledges the nuances of biliteracy and the Spanish language. The instruction design is based on how Spanish literacy develops, staying true to our core Science of Reading principle: Literacy instruction in each language must reflect its unique linguistic elements.

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We’re using critical components of biliteracy learning to bring equity to classrooms.

Five professional portraits of educators and consultants in biliteracy programs, arranged in a semicircle, with name and title annotations, representing various academic institutions and organizations.

Developed with experts

Boost Lectura’s Spanish literacy curriculum was developed in partnership with Spanish literacy experts and educators from several Spanish-speaking regions who contributed valuable perspectives for the creation of authentic and relevant content.

Our approach

Students learning to read in Spanish deserve authentic, research-based instruction. Boost Lectura accomplishes this and complements Amplify’s comprehensive biliteracy assessment and curriculum programs. When used with Boost Reading, it’s the first personalized learning solution built on the Science of Reading for Spanish and English biliteracy development.

A young 鶹wearing headphones uses a laptop in a classroom setting, focusing intently on her screen as part of a biliteracy program.

Authentic Spanish literacy instruction

Boost Lectura focuses on the foundational skills that research indicates are not only critical for learning to read in Spanish, such as phonological awareness, letter-sound correspondences, decoding, and comprehension, but that are also transferable from Spanish to English. The program was built with expert guidance and research on how bilingual literacy (particularly Spanish and English biliteracy) develops.

Male teacher in an orange sweater teaching a biliteracy program to a class of elementary students, with multiple 鶹raising their hands to answer a question.

Ideal for any classroom model

Without having to be proficient in Spanish, teachers have access to an evidence-based Spanish literacy scope and sequence with learning content targeted to individual 鶹needs. Boost Lectura can be leveraged in any literacy learning model.

Young girl in a classroom wearing a green polo shirt, smiling and looking away from the camera, participating in personalized Spanish literacy instruction.

Spanish and English parity

Boost Lectura can be seamlessly paired with Boost Reading. When used together, the two programs build reading proficiency in both English and Spanish for 鶹in grades K–2, as well as provide teachers with data insights on students’ skills progression in each language.



Comprehensive biliteracy suite

Boost Lectura integrates with Amplify’s full suite of biliteracy programs, including Amplify Caminos and mCLASS® Lectura. Through aligned instruction, these tools and materials provide educators with everything they need to screen, instruct, and provide practice in Spanish literacy.

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What’s included

Digital flashcards in Spanish displayed on a purple background, featuring text about glasses, a cartoon character, and yes/no buttons as part of Personalized Spanish literacy instruction.

Powerful, rich instruction

Students will engage with targeted activities inside authentic and captivating storylines that honor the culture and experiences of Spanish-speaking communities. This impactful content is thoughtfully designed to grow their decoding skills, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.

Illustration of two children engaged in personalized Spanish literacy instruction about phonological awareness, emphasizing skills like blending and decoding syllables.

Personalized skill coverage

Boost Lectura’s adaptive technology develops students’ individual skills maps to provide the right content at the exact right moment. Students will explore new quests, challenges, and games that simultaneously teach them the foundational literacy skills that will make them more confident Spanish readers.


Actionable data and insights for educators

The program delivers student- and class-level insights to help educators differentiate instruction, monitor growth across the entire classroom, provide targeted support without more testing, and access teacher-led instructional resources.

Two digital flashcards displaying 鶹progress in Spanish literacy subskills, highlighting completed segments and recent activities, set against a pink and white background.

Side-by-side English and Spanish reports

When Boost Reading and Boost Lectura are used together, the programs provide educators with side-by-side data insights on students’ skills and progression in each language.

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We’re using critical components of biliteracy learning to bring equity to classrooms.