Bring the world to 鶹with a proven PreK–5 literacy curriculum

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is the leading early literacy curriculum grounded in the Science of Reading. By combining knowledge-building and research-based foundational skills, our instruction guides educators in developing strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

With a powerful online platform and a parallel Spanish language arts curriculum, Amplify CKLA provides a comprehensive solution for PreK–5 educators and students. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.

Background knowledge drives results

The Amplify CKLA PreK–5 literacy curriculum equips 鶹with rich knowledge that intentionally builds to inspire curiosity and drive results. Explore research revealing the power of our knowledge-based curriculum including a study that meets qualifications for ESSA Tier I: Strong Evidence.

Amplify CKLA serves

Amplify CKLA serves






U.S. States and D.C.

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Independently and rigorously reviewed

Amplify CKLA is among the few curricula that is both recognized by the Knowledge Matters Campaign—for its excellence in intentionally building knowledge—and rated all-green on EdReports, earning green scores across all gateways.

Our approach

Grounded in the Science of Reading and following the Core Knowledge approach, the Amplify CKLA PreK–5 curriculum combines rich, diverse content knowledge in history, science, literature, and the arts with systematic, research-based foundational skills instruction.

Flowchart showing the progression from language comprehension to skilled reading in the K-5 literacy curriculum, categorized by increasing strategy and automaticity, including stages like vocabulary and word recognition.

Grounded in the Science of Reading

As the first publisher to build a curriculum based on the Science of Reading, we put research into action with explicit systematic foundational skills instruction alongside a proven knowledge-building sequence. In collaboration with education experts and practitioners, we provide powerful resources that drive real results. Explore our Science of Reading success stories.

Illustrative diagram showing the process of phonetic language arts curriculum learning, starting with basic sounds and advancing to complex words through interconnected circles.

Developing foundational skills with explicit, systematic instruction

Amplify CKLA’s research-based scope and sequence progresses from simple to more complex skill development, starting with phonological and phonemic awareness. Instruction guides you in explicitly teaching the 150 spellings for the 44 sounds of English, with an intentional progression and review of skills to set your 鶹up for success.

Three connected circular diagrams showing educational progression:

Following a proven knowledge-building approach

Following the Core Knowledge Sequence–a content-specific, cumulative, and coherent approach to building knowledge–鶹dig deeper and make connections across content areas to build a robust knowledge base for comprehending complex texts. See how the Core Knowledge curriculum is proven to improve reading scores and eliminate achievement gaps.


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Built in partnership with the Core Knowledge Foundation

Amplify CKLA is the premier high-quality instructional materials offering for elementary language arts, built in partnership with the Core Knowledge Foundation to help 鶹effectively develop deep content knowledge and foundational skills.

Learn more about the Core Knowledge Foundation

Cultivating biliteracy with parallel English and Spanish programs

Amplify Caminos is the perfect Spanish language arts partner to Amplify CKLA. The aligned programs combine rich content knowledge with systematic foundational skills instruction grounded in the Science of Reading that follows biliteracy principles, and supports multiple teaching models.

Learn more about Amplify Caminos >

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Amplify CKLA efficacy study

Tier I ESSA Evidence: Amplify CKLA knowledge-building improves achievement.

What's included

The program provides engaging print and multimedia materials designed to build a robust literacy-rich foundation in every classroom.

Core ELD and companions
Amplify CKLA Skills 6 Teacher Guide
Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream Activity Book
Amplify CKLA Resources page
Grade 6 Unit 4 Eureka! Teacher Guide
Amplify CKLA Skills 1 Teacher Guide

High-quality teacher materials

Amplify CKLA teachers effectively deliver instruction with print and digital resources, including:

  • Teacher Guides with embedded differentiation.
  • Formal and informal assessments.
  • Ready-made and customizable lesson slides.
  • Trade books and Novel Guides.
  • Teacher resources and on-demand professional development.
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Immersive 鶹resources

Amplify CKLA 鶹stay engaged with a variety of print and digital resources, including:

  • Original decodables and read-aloud Big Books (K–2), Student Readers (3–5), and trade books (–5).
  • Student Activity Books with embedded assessments (–5).
  • Research units for independent research built around a trade book (–5).
  • Poet’s Journal and Writer’s Journal (write-in 鶹readers for Grades 4–5).
  • to support immersive, problem-based learning in Grades 3–5.
A 鶹reading aloud
A speech bubble with the phrase,
Two blue and white concentric circles resembling eyes on a green background, symbolizing the focus of an online language arts curriculum.

Hands-on phonics materials

Multisensory phonics and foundational skills resources help 鶹practice key skills using fun, varied approaches that build independence.

  • Chaining Folder (K)
  • Letter Cards (K–2)
  • Syllable Cards (K–2)
  • Image Cards (K–3)
  • Blending Picture Cards (K)
  • Consonant and Vowel Code Flip Books (1–2)
  • Exclusive digital Sound Library
Laptop screen displaying an educational platform with assignments on Language Arts topics due on October 5th.

Robust digital experience

Amplify CKLA teacher and 鶹resources are available through a digital experience platform that enhances instruction and saves you time. With everything you need in one place, you can effectively plan lessons, present content, and review 鶹work.

  • Ready-made yet customizable lesson presentation slide decks
  • Dynamic live-review 鶹tool
  • Interactive and student-friendly experience
  • LMS integration
  • Knowledge Builder animated videos
  • Recorded Read-Alouds
  • Professional development website
  • Real-time program support via email, live chat, and phone

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