¡El futuro es bilingüe! | The future is bilingual!

Promote biliteracy with Amplify Caminos, a K–5 Spanish language arts curriculum that helps teachers inspire 鶹as they become confident readers, writers, and thinkers in Spanish. The program combines rich content knowledge with systematic foundational skills instruction that is grounded in the Science of Reading and supports multiple teaching models. Para la versión en español, haga clic í.

Cultivating biliteracy pathways

Amplify Caminos is designed to support any biliteracy model, including English as a Second Language (ESL), transitional bilingual programs, dual language strands, and Spanish immersion programs. Combined with its English language partner, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA), Amplify Caminos provides a comprehensive biliteracy solution.

Our approach

Grounded in the Science of Reading and following biliteracy principles, Amplify Caminos combines rich, diverse content knowledge with systematic foundational skills instruction to deliver a research-based biliteracy curriculum.


Leveraging the Science of Reading

At the heart of the Science of Reading is the Simple View of Reading, a formula describing how skilled reading requires both language comprehension and word recognition. Amplify Caminos is built on this model, with powerful resources that drive real results.

Illustrative diagram showing the progression of Spanish language learning from simple phonemes to complex syllables and words within a K–5 curriculum.

Developing foundational skills explicitly and systematically

Amplify Caminos instruction is based on how the Spanish language works. Students learn vowel sounds and common sounds before blending them to form syllables and words. Less frequent consonants and other complex elements are presented later, with an intentional progression that sets 鶹up for success.

image of core knowledge language arts knowledge sequence

Building background knowledge drives results

Students dig deeper and make connections across content areas to build a robust knowledge base for comprehending complex texts. Amplify Caminos and Amplify CKLA follow the Core Knowledge Sequence—a content-specific, cumulative, and coherent approach to building knowledge—with parallel topics to support research-based and equitable Tier 1 instruction in Spanish and English.

Explore how Core Knowledge curriculum improves reading scores and eliminates achievement gaps.

Five colorful children's book covers in spanish, featuring themes such as llamas, cultural dances, and a giant cactus, illustrated in vibrant styles.

Culturally relevant and challenging texts

Students learn about diverse topics and genres while better understanding themselves and the world with a variety of texts. Authentic Spanish literature, including original decodables by Latino and Hispanic authors, and transadapted texts connect knowledge topics and foundational skills instruction to provide a rich learning experience.

Being bilingual is a superpower

Bilingualism is a cognitive strength: Research attributes it to increased attention, improved working memory, greater awareness of language, and more. Honor the unique skills, strengths, and needs of your multilingual learners with Amplify Caminos and Amplify CKLA.

What's included

Amplify Caminos features engaging print and multimedia materials—accessible from anywhere—designed to provide a robust literacy-rich foundation in every classroom.

Laptop displaying a Spanish educational website titled

High-quality teacher materials

Amplify Caminos teachers effectively deliver instruction with print and digital resources, including:

  • Teacher Guides with embedded differentiation.
  • Formal and informal assessments.
  • Ready-made and customizable lesson slides.
  • Bilingual Connections to support cross-linguistic transfer.
  • Teacher resources and on-demand professional development.
A collage of illustrated book covers, including themes of Don Quixote, space exploration, and anthropomorphic animals in various scenarios, all enriched with Spanish language elements.

Immersive 鶹resources

Amplify Caminos 鶹stay engaged with a variety of print and digital resources, including:

  • Original decodables and read-aloud Big Books (K–2), Student Readers (3–5), and authentic Spanish literature anthologies (4–5).
  • Poet’s Journal and Writer’s Journal (write-in Student Readers for Grades 4–5).
  • Student Activity Books with embedded assessments.
  • Research units for independent research built around a trade book.
  • Multisensory phonics materials:
    • Letter Cards (K–2)
    • Syllable Cards (K–2)
    • Image Cards (K–3)
    • Plus, digital anchor charts and a Sound Library.
CKLA Caminos_4-Robust digital materials

Robust digital experience

Like Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos is proud to be a premier high-quality instructional material (HQIM) offering in elementary language arts, with rich and research-based content—including an expanding library of engaging digital materials—that helps you authentically support, challenge, and engage your students. From digital Teacher Guides to lesson projectables, we provide all the tools needed to successfully deliver every lesson.

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