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Science of Reading: The Community

Science of Reading: The Community is for educators who want to read about the latest early literacy research and understand how to turn it into best practices for teaching and learning. And for even more fresh insights straight from the top researchers and practitioners in early reading, subscribe to The Science of Reading: The Podcast.


Science Connections: The Community

Science Connections: The Community is a space for educators committed to implementing high-quality science instruction. The conversations here support both current and future scientists! And to hear more from educators, scientists, and curriculum experts, subscribe to Science Connections: The Podcast.



Illustration of a cartoon landscape with colorful tents, mountains, a river, and clouds under a pink sky, designed to enhance K–8 literacy.

Desmos Math 6–A1 Facebook community

In our Desmos Math 6–A1 Facebook community, teachers, coaches, and other educators ask questions, get answers, find community, give feedback, learn about important updates, and support one another in teaching with Desmos Math 6–A1.


Amplify CKLA Facebook community

In our Amplify CKLA Facebook community, educators exchange insights and information about teaching reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as essential vocabulary supports. Bring your questions about Amplify CKLA, and you’ll be sure to gain knowledge of your own!


Illustration collage featuring diverse elements: a cable car, historical figures, a jaguar, a butterfly, and a woman reading a map, set against an innovative educators and nature-themed background.

Amplify ELA Facebook community

In our Amplify ELA Facebook community, educators share advice, ideas, encouragement, and concrete examples from their own experiences with the curriculum. Join to find out how your colleagues are making the program their own and keeping 鶹engaged!


Boost Reading & mCLASS Facebook community

Dive into our Boost Reading & mCLASS group where educators from across the country connect for mutual support, enriching discussions and innovative ideas around program usage. Bring your questions, share your insights, and collaborate in our engaging community of educators today!


Two boys smiling while engaging with Amplify Science content on a tablet in a classroom environment; colorful graphic accents suggest a fun learning experience.

Amplify Science Facebook community

In our Amplify Science Facebook community, educators share best practices for using Amplify Science to meet the Next Generation Science Standards, teach in three dimensions, and help every 鶹go from learning about to figuring out. Educators also post success stories from the classroom that show the ways they’ve adapted the curriculum to meet their needs.


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